Who we are


We provide 3rd party deduction services to clients and protect minimun take home pay of employees on a commercial basis for shareholders value.


To be the Central Register of choice for non statutory deductions which exceeds stakeholders expectations


Management of loan granted by registered Micro Lenders Such that civil servants and other employees do not overcommit their salaries

Product Description

On a daily basis the service provider will submit applications for new policies to BOTUSAFE for means test. On the same day BOTUSAFE will advice the outcome on all applications as to whether they have passed or failed the affordability test. Monthly – requests for deductions from the Government payroll are submitted to BOTUSAFE around the 18th of the month.

For control purposes a pre run file is submitted first and BOTUSAFE validates the file for possible rejections and advice the service provider.The service provider will then check the highlighted possible rejections and submit a final run to BOTUSAFE. BOTUSAFE consolidates the final run files and submit to The Ministry of Finance & Development Planning.

On receipt of the file, the Ministry checks it for outright rejections (non existent in payroll) and advice BOTUSAFE. BOTUSAFE deconsolidates the outright rejections file and electronically advice the service providers.


Botusafe has a mandate to educate Government employees about good financial management. The purpose of this member education is to prevent employees from over committing their salaries.

Over indebtedness is caused by several things and it can have serious consequences. Fortunately there are ways to remedy or prevent over indebtedness.

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